How to Realize Mobile Growth by Apple Search Ads Supporting Custom Product Pages?

This article will show you why ASA supporting CPP is a game changer, how do you do it effectively, and how to leverage CPP for each Apple Search Segment.

Sep 09 2022
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Realize Mobile Growth by Apple Search Ads Supporting Custom Product Pages

Custom Product Pages (CPPs) are quickly becoming popular among ad networks, thus Apple has now made its own ad network, Apple Search Ads, compatible with CPPs (ASA).

The Apple Search Ads documentation has been revised to support the addition of new "Ad Variations," which serve as a kind of Creative Sets replacement.

The current Search Ads support for CPPs implementation is quite simple to utilize. You can quickly select a variant from the list of CPPs you previously submitted when creating Ad Variations.

The user experience for this variant will be identical because the creative (the screenshots and video in the advertisement) corresponds to the selected CPP. In essence, the user will reach a matching CPP when they tap on an advertisement.
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Why ASA supporting CPP is a game changer?

Then, why do we call CPP the Game Changer?

Because CPP's promise is unmistakable:
  1. The capacity to evaluate the success of a campaign. You may once more evaluate performance and ROAS at the campaign level by leveraging App Store Connect data and measuring downstream indicators such as retention and sales performance for users who downloaded through a particular CPP (even after the deprecation of the IDFA).
  2. By aligning audience segment intent to the creative and messaging they see on the ad creative level and then on the product page creative level, you can significantly enhance conversion rates for campaigns and ads.

Because ASA is a completely contextual ad network, it is unlike any other ad network and can only be compared to Google Search Ads. In other words, the way you target advertisements depends nearly entirely on the situation a user is in.

The majority of users that view ads through ASA are doing so while looking for an app or game, and how they search might reveal a lot about what they are looking for and what "pushed" them to download.

An instance. We can be very certain that when a user looks for a certain brand in the App Store, they have encountered some form of brand awareness marketing, either directly through the campaign itself (for example, a TV ad) or indirectly (a friend telling them about it.)

Similarly, when a person searches for a phrase that fits a certain value or genre, like "match-3 games" or "flight tickets," we know they now have a specific demand that they're trying to satisfy.



Naturally, the actual keywords themselves can reveal even more about the user's perspective. When someone looks for "flight price tracker," they are probably not looking to book a ticket immediately (as would be the case with "flight tickets").

You can learn a lot about the context and thinking of users by looking at the search terms they are using.

Instead of considering All of your search users as a single group and attempting to convert them with blanket messages, you can match each audience segment with the most suitable creatives and messaging by using Custom Product Pages.

Let's stick with the travel illustration. Cheap flight tickets or "flight price tracker" are two examples of keywords connected to cost that increase the likelihood that someone searching for airline tickets will convert. While marketing focused on the variety of services and simplicity of booking would be more suited for someone wishing to organize an entire vacation ("flight and hotel booking" or "travel app"). The experience may now be customized to the needs of the user, as opposed to the past where you were forced to utilize the same creatives for both (your single default product page).

This is what I mean by "mining" your audience. Instead of employing a catch-all creative that would cause many of these customers to drop and never install, you are focusing on different target segments and using the best ads for each (and perhaps go to download your competitor.)

If all a user sees is match-3 gameplay creatives, would they be inclined to download your app if they were searching for "house decoration games"? or the opposite?

If you appropriately mine your audience, your Search Ads UA channel will experience considerable paid audience growth and ROAS gains.

How do you do it correctly?

The main audience segments of Apple Search Ads 

Apple has been promoting the marketing format that the majority of businesses in the sector have been using:

  • Customer searches for your app or business name were the focus of your Brand Campaign. In this campaign type, keywords will assist your ad show up for searches that are specifically about your app and brand. The exact match type should be selected for all keywords.
  • Category Campaign targeted at users looking for non-branded phrases that represent the category and function of your app. Here, using specific keywords will help you get more users that are interested in your software or its genre. Your app's keywords should be precise match and should describe your app.
  • Competitor campaign targeted users looking for apps in the same or a related app category that are comparable to yours. Here, keywords can assist your ad appear for searches that are more specifically tailored to your type of app. Exact match should be selected for all keywords.
  • The goal of the Discovery Campaign was to reach a larger audience and find popular search terms to use as keywords. To automatically match your ad to pertinent search phrases throughout this campaign, use broad match keywords and Search Match. You should establish two distinct ad groups:
    • A broad match ad group with broad match type and no search match, but with all the keywords from the other three campaign kinds.
    • A Search Match ad group without any keywords, but with Search Match enabled so that your ad can be matched to pertinent App Store searches.

ASA campaigns

How to leverage Custom Product Pages for each Apple Search Segment?

In order to build ad variations for each ad group, you must now match the appropriate Custom Product Page theme to the appropriate Apple Search Ads group.

Ad Groups target consumers with a little more specificity thanks to audience refinements, which may include device type, gender, age, and user type (new users, existing users, and users of your other apps.)

You must consider your ASA channel and structure, and segment your audiences as precisely as you can (segmented by all user type states, e.g. new, lapsed, using my other apps.) For instance:
  • Users searching for my competitors 
  • Users searching for my brand
  • Users searching  for keywords associated with a certain theme, such as "PvP games", "Match-3 games",  "Flight Tickets", and "Ridesharing".

You can develop hypotheses for the creatives and content that will have the best possibility of converting them after segmenting your ASA audience.

ASA CPP framwork

You may begin methodically raising your ASA, ROAS, and paid search growth rates by using the aforementioned strategy.

Additionally, by utilizing CPPs, you can:
  • Start a/b testing to determine which messaging and creative are most effective for each ASA audience category. From there, you can generate learnings and gradually raise conversion rates.
Develop in-depth understandings of the worth of various audience segments so that you can make judgments about how to use ASA funds. You may see if a particular audience segment isn't increasing profits by keeping an eye on each CPP for downstream metrics like retention and ARPU. Find out if you are spending too much on advertising to that audience and too little on a different group that has very profitable quality metrics.

Conclusion and next steps

It is obvious that by building a comprehensive paid search funnel from audience segment to ad creative to product page creative, leveraging CPPs in ASA has the potential to greatly improve the performance of all of your paid search traffic. Because you'll be able to retain users you may have previously lost because your ad creatives or product page creatives didn't deliver the most compelling message for the "item" they were looking for, this will result in noticeably greater growth rates.

You can enable contextual advertising for all of your ASA-sponsored search traffic without any restrictions.

Sometimes, searching is a zero-sum game.

When a person looks for a product, sees your advertisement, and isn't persuaded, they're more likely to download a rival. By bombarding those users with messaging and creatives they won't be able to resist, you may increase your chances of converting that user count.

Stop letting your rivals dominate the search audience. Before your rivals, start utilizing CPPs in ASA.

Please feel free to check out our platform right here if you need assistance recognizing your potential for growth by utilizing CPPs for your ASA-sponsored search traffic.