Looking Back On 2022 App Store Adjustments: What were App Store's New Functions This Year?

AppAds specially launched the "Looking Back On 2022 App Store Adjustments" to sort out Apple's dynamics in 2022. At the same time, the key events are explained in detail.

Jan 09 2023
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Time flies, 2022 has passed by, and we have gone through another year under the background of traffic competition. Last time we talked about the 2022 Google Play Adjustment. Immediately, Apps on different tracks are about to usher in a new round of competition during the Spring Festival and winter vacation!

Apple's App Store, as a key acquisition channel for many developers to promote apps, has launched many new functions this year, but at the same time, it has also made many adjustments to the App review rules, which may be very important for our App operation and promotion in 2023. Is it an opportunity or a challenge?

To better help developers sort out promotion opportunities, launch review points, and make sufficient preparations for App promotion in 2023, ASO World specially launched the "Looking Back On 2022 App Store Adjustments" to systematically sort out Apple's dynamics in 2022. At the same time, the key events are explained in detail.

1. Apple Search Ads supports the use of custom product pages as creative

On January 26, Apple announced that it began to support the use of custom product pages for Search ads: App Store Connect's custom product pages have been connected with AppleAds, and custom product pages can be used directly as creative.
apple ads

When creating ad materials, developers will have more options (up to 35 custom product pages can be created), making it easier to create more attractive and relevant ad materials for different user groups.

2. Relaxing the restrictions of the "App Store Small Business Program" - allowing App online transfer

The App Store Small Business Program: Apple's plan to reduce commissions for small businesses and independent developers aims to accelerate innovation, help small developers invest more resources in their businesses, and continue to build high-quality apps that users love. Qualified apps will be able to reduce the commission rate to 15% for revenue earned through paid downloads and in-app purchases.

3. Apple officially clarifies the criteria for judging "abandoned apps"

On April 29, Apple clarified the standards for improving the App Store process and extending the new deadline, which highlights:

When the app has not been updated in the past three years and has not reached the minimum download volume (that is, the app has had no or only very few download volumes for 12 consecutive months), the developer will receive an email informing that the app has been identified and may be removed from the App Store.

4. Apple reminds developers to build an "account deletion" function into apps

On May 24, 2022, Apple reminded developers that beginning June 30 all apps that support account creation must also support account deletion. That is, if an app allows a user to create an account, there must be a way to delete that account later on.

5. Apple Search campaigns shift to a CPT pricing model

On July 13, Apple sent an email to notify developers that the Apple search ads with pay-per-click (CPT) pricing will be officially launched on July 19.

Previously, Apple used the CPM pricing model, as long as the advertisement was displayed, the fee would be deducted; after the official launch of the CPT pricing model, only will be charged when the user clicks on the advertisement.

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6. The agency account needs to associate the ASA account with the developer's App Store Connect account

In August, the Apple Ads team notified by email: From September, the agency account needs to associate the ASA account with the developer's App Store Connect account to launch the custom product page-created campaign. In December, Apple simplified the association process.

7. Apple officially allows launching of NFT products on the App Store

On October 24, Apple updated the App Store Review Guidelines. This update added relevant rules for NFT products for the first time, such as "Apps can use in-app purchases to sell and sell NFT-related services, such as casting, listing and Transfer" and "NFTs are allowed to browse the app, but cannot contain buttons, links, or other calls to action for purchase mechanisms (other than in-app purchases)", etc. In addition, content such as advertising campaign management regulations has been added.

8. Ads on the "Today" tab and product pages are officially launched on the App Store

Apple has added two new advertising spaces - Today tab page ads and product page ads officially launched on the App Store.
  • The billing method adopts CPT.
  • Currently supported in App Stores in 60 countries and regions.

apple store

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