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The Data Dichotomy: How To Use and Protect Your First-Party Data To Drive Mobile Marketing
Data marketing is experiencing a push/pull dichotomy, how can they use their data assets while protecting them well to improve marketing performance?
Oct 25 2022
How to Avoid Being Fooled by Data in Marketing Analytics
Data analysis is definitely important in app marketing. This article will give some ideas that prevent you from being fooled by data.
Oct 09 2022
How to Optimize CPC Bids in Apple Search Ads for Generating Valuable Users
In this piece, we'll go over a few best practices that might help you understand how to use your CPC bid to improve your overall performance.
Oct 08 2022
How to Optimize TTR & CR in Acquisition & Conversion Stages of ASA Marketing
As we continue our analysis of the acquisition and conversion stages of the funnel, we'll talk more about how to optimize Tap-Through Rate and Conversion Rate.
Sep 29 2022
How to Lower CPA & CPI in App Advertising Campaigns
This article discussed how we minimize CPA and CPI when running app advertising campaigns to promote our app more efficiently and cost-effectively.
Sep 27 2022
How to Use Competitor Analysis to Optimize Your App Ranking in App Store
Competitor analysis is the first step for ASO marketers to enhance their app growth. So, This article will show you why and how to do ASO competitor analysis.
Sep 23 2022