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Narrowing Privacy Environment: Challeges & Solutions For Social Audience Targeting In App Marketing
All digital marketers need to adjust to changes in consumer data tracking as a result of the era of privacy. This article will give you some suggestions.
Sep 15 2022
How to Realize Mobile Growth by Apple Search Ads Supporting Custom Product Pages?
This article will show you why ASA supporting CPP is a game changer, how do you do it effectively, and how to leverage CPP for each Apple Search Segment.
Sep 09 2022
Pandemic Reshaped Mobile Customer Experience: 6 Things Brands Should Do in 2022
2022 is still a year impacted by the pandemic, then what should app marketers do to adjust to the reshaped world? This article will give you some answers.
Sep 08 2022
An Introduction To ASA Bids: Setting Bids Based On Results, Not Clicks
This article will show you why and how to bid based on clicks that convert rather than the long-term existing idea of every click action.
Sep 07 2022
ASA Marketers Must Know: App Marketing Trends for 2022
As we all know, many significant changes happened in 2022. How can ASA marketers respond to it? This article might be able to give you some answers.
Sep 06 2022
Tips and Tricks from Masterclass to Drive Apple Search Ads Performance
2022 is a year full of changes. What do app ads marketers need to know to adjust the trends? This article will give you some suggestions
Sep 05 2022