Who are we?

AppAds is an app marketing platform based on artificial intelligence. We provide keyword analysis and management, intelligent advertising, and data strategies. We can help you improve the advertising effect of Apple Search Ads, boost the ranking of your app in the Apple Store, save your time, and increase the return on advertising investment.

Who are we?
What are our features?
What are our features?
Analyze the impact of campaigns on rankings.
Add or remove keywords and negative keywords in bulk.
Search keywords which apps are running Apple Search Ads on them.
Create automation rules with pre-conditional automation rule templates for greater simplicity and time savings.
Gain insight into the competition and adjust bids through Impression Share.
Get keyword ideas from competitors’ Apple Search Ads keywords to scale the campaign.
What is our purpose?
Increase your ROI
Insight into the competition through Impression Sharing to adjust bids, and reduce CPA & Spend.
Reduce your manual time
Bulk setup features as well as automation rules and smart templates greatly reduce manual operations, making it easy and efficient to place Apple Search Ads.