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4 steps to complete Apple Search Ads delivery

Save time and improve your ad KPIs with features like keyword optimizer, advanced automation, and bulk actions.


Authorize your Apple Search Ads to search ads platform

Link your Apple Search Ads account with us.

Migrate all your campaigns to our campaign management tool and upgrade your Apple Search Ads strategy.

Through the optimization of Apple Search Ads strategy, get more users at the lowest price.(Acquire more users at the lowest price with our effective Apple Search Ads strategy.)


Bid smart with advanced keyword tools

Create your own keyword bank by analyzing your competitors’ top ranking keywords, keyword popularity and difficulty of each keyword.

View the top search advertisers and their search ad view ability scores.

Discover paid keywords for each app with impression share, or enter a keyword and see who advertises on it to adjust your strategy.


Automatically optimize your ad campaigns

Automation rules. Set up automated rules to optimize your bid amounts, freeze campaigns, or add negative keywords to ensure your campaigns are always optimized to meet your KPIs.

Bulk operations. Batch process all keywords to save time.

Duplicate keywords. Never compete with your own bids! Detect and remove duplicate keywords instantly to prevent wasted budget.


Multi-dimensional data service analysis

Support to associate third-party MMP partners to increase your data richness.

Category and keyword rankings. See the correlation between your app’s category rank and your key metrics such as impressions, spending, installs, and more.

Make better decisions by analyzing how your Apple Search Ads keywords affect your organic rankings by searching the App Store for that keyword.

Competitor monitoring. Let you know your opponent’s situation in real-time.