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How To Leverage Search Tab Campaigns To Improve App Performance
Apple provides a "Suggested Ad" on the search tab, so how can advertisers use this ad placement to make as much profit as possible?
Oct 14 2022
New App Store Ad Placements Testing: What Signals It Sends to Users & Advertisers
Apple will test a pair of new ad placements on the App Store. Today we'll show you signals it sends to users and advertisers or all mobile app marketers.
Oct 13 2022
Beginners Need To Know: What Can You Do With CPP in Apple Search Ads?
This passage will introduce a new feature of Apple Search Ads released in iOS 15, Custom Product Page, and give a simple guide to using this function.
Oct 12 2022
iOS 16 Update: What It Means for App Developers and Marketers?
Apple released iOS 16 on September 12, 2022. This article reveals everything you need to know about iOS 16 and how it will impact your iPhone experience.
Oct 11 2022
App Store Ads Marketing: How to Empower App User Acquisition Advertising to Drive App Business
This article will show you how App Store Ads empower app user acquisition advertising so as to drive your mobile app business.
Oct 10 2022
How to Avoid Being Fooled by Data in Marketing Analytics
Data analysis is definitely important in app marketing. This article will give some ideas that prevent you from being fooled by data.
Oct 09 2022