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Ultimate Guide For CTV Advertising: How App Marketers Can Master it in 2023?
Learn everything you'll need to know to get started in CTV advertising—from CTV ad formats to how to maximize user acquisition for these campaigns.
Feb 24 2023
A Complete Guide Of Mobile Attribution For Health & Fitness Apps
At this stage of development in the Health & Fitness vertical, apps have a plethora of factors working in their favor to help them achieve their business objectives.
Feb 23 2023
6 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Apple Search Ads That Could Doom You To Failure
In this article, we'll look at the 6 most common mistakes that app marketers make with Apple Search Ads and how to avoid them.
Feb 22 2023
How To Optimize Your App Store Performance With Returning Users?
This fact alone should persuade app developers to allocate App Store marketing funds to engage returning users. But how does this idea help overall performance if your overall KPI is acquiring new users?
Feb 21 2023
Why Should You Do Both Organic & Paid App Marketing For User Acquisition?
Having both paid ASA and organic strategies running concurrently is critical, as each increases the success of the other.
Feb 21 2023
How To Promote Your Mobile Game Apps In Apple Search Ads?
How To Promote Your Mobile Game Apps In Apple Search Ads? Let's take a look at some of the barriers to Apple Search Ads' success in gaming.
Feb 21 2023